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Welcome to all !
37FR.COM is an independant visual art studio created in 2003. My name is Samuel LABAUTE and I present here my services as freelance. I am qualified in visual art, illustration creation, graphic conception, marketing, brand identity, webdesign... However I am focused on illustration since the last years. Also you will find some creations in my Portfolio.

Human relationship and open minded :

First at all my vision of my work is human. I have to heart to work with a great confidence with my clients or parteners. Develop with them news projects. My motivation is cultural and human. I love all form of visual art and sharing with each others. Also I am living in Tours in Loire-Valley with which I am very attached. Not for our beautiful castles but for unkwoned and many talents we have here. I am convinced there is still so many things to do. That's why I am open minded and benevolent with all peoples I meet.

Profil :


Quote :
« If art is to nourish the roots of our culture, society must set the artist free to follow his vision wherever it takes him. »
– John Fitzgerald Kennedy –

Coffee per day : 3.

I like :
My son, sharing, remake the world.

I dislike :
Intolerance, hypocrisy.

Sounds of the moment :
The Avalanches, Tame Impala, M83...

Reading of the moment :
FONDATION (I. Asimov).

Movie(s) / Serie(s) of the moment :
This is Us.

Skills :

A little bit more about me :

You will find my creations on my portfolio .

You have allready an illustration or communication project. Or if you have just a simple question. You can send me a message from my contact page.

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Illustration et graphisme à Tours (37)
54 rue de Sébastopol
37000 TOURS - France
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